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Food labels are mostly used to provide all important information and to present the product as appetizingly and attractively as possible. Serving or recipe suggestions are often shown on it. Accurate labeling is especially important to make the product look attractive.

1. Round bottle/jar/cans :
    ①.Labeling wrap around,ref model PLM-A ;
    ②.Labeling on top and wrap around, ref model DPM-PLM-A;

2. Flat/square bottle/jar/cans :
    ①. Labeling on multi-sides,ref model SLM-A ;
    ②. Labeling on front back two sides , ref model DLM-A :
    ③. Labeling on top and side , ref model DPM-SLM-A;

3. Food bag/box/tray :
    ①. Labeling on top, ref model DPM-A ;
    ②. Labeling on top bottom sides, ref model UDPM-A;