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ZARA Tag Paging Labeling


● ZARA tag need labeling 2 stickers on tag surface ;
● Each tag need priting price on it ;
● The second tag need cover on the first label ;
● Need with count function ;
● Need make sure each tag labeling accuracy ≤ ±1mm . 

2. SKILT Solution with machine detail function :

① Paging & Feeder - Worker put a dozen tags into feeder, delivery out one by one ;
② Online Printing & Labeling Engine - Printing price on label, then past label on tag surface.
③ Visual Inspection - Use BAUMER intelligent Camera , if tag without label or Labeling accuracy not meet requirements,unqualified tag been reject out, ensure all the tags into next process are qualified.
④ Back Flow Collection Way - Machine customized with two layer conveyor, tags can delivery back to the feeder part,one worker operation one set machine, save labor costs ;

ZARA Woven Tag Roll to Roll Applicator 

ZARA tag label applicator with two sets online printing labeling engine on it, printing two price labels one by one, ref follow picture.

With back flow conveyor, after finish labeling , tags accumulate to the set amount , then delivery back to the feeder part, can save a staff for collection.